As well as shopping customers can also enjoy some little treats whether it’s takeaway or sit in. All our Drinks, Salads, Brunch meals and Sandwiches are freshly made while you wait.

If you’re in a hurry just give us a call and we’ll get your order ready for pick up.

Made to order

A wide range of fresh juices, smoothies and milkshakes made to order from the best quality ingredients. Besides our specials, you can pick and choose the ingredients you want.

Brunch Meals

Freshly cooked delicious meals including:

  • Smashed avocado, spinach and confiti tomato on whole grain, topped with pouched egg
  • Grilled Chorizo with smashed avocado and spinach on whole grain
  • Vegan Nourishing Bowl
  • Made to order sandwiches


Whether its a cup of coffee, a herbal tea, a salad or an occasional treat to accompany you when you chill out or catch-up with a friend.

Fresh Juices, Smoothies & Milkshakes

Fresh Juices

– Orange, Carrot, Grapes
+/- Ginger

-Tomato, Grapes, Pepper
+/- Lime

-Carrot, Apple, Pineapple
+/- Ginger


Fresh Smoothies

-Walnuts, Summer berries, Apple, Banana

-Almonds, Summer berries, Grapes, Banana

*The 7
-Apples, Banana, Summer berries, Kiwi, Orange, Peach, Pineapple


Tasty Milkshakes

-Fresh banana, Vanilla ice cream
+/- Cinnamon, Caramel Sauce

– Fresh strawberries, Strawberry ice cream

* ChockBom
– Cocoa powder, Chocolate ice cream
+/- Caramel syrup


Iced Teas

-Fresh mint & cucumber
-Fresh ginger & Lemon
– Iced Matcha tea

From £ 1.80

Iced Coffees +

-Chai latte
-Caramel Latte
-Vanilla Latte
(other milk alternatives available)

From £2.50

Organic Kombuchas

A range of probiotic fermented black teas infused with fresh fruit juices, spices and herbs.

From £2.90

Fresh Fruit / Veg Salads

Fresh Fruit Salads

A delicious mix of your favourite fruits full of great flavours garnished with sunflower seeds or edible flowers.

From £4.50

Refreshingly Crunchy Salads

From a simple yet effective salad to a crunchy nourishing bowl

From £7.25


Hand-made Brownies

Plain Cocoa Brownies
Walnut Brownies
Biscof Brownies
Cherry & Almond Brownies

From £2.50

Hand-made Fruit Tarts

Peach, Kiwi & Blueberry

From £ 3.50

Nuty Fruity Treats

Carrot and Ginger
Banana Loaf
Walnuts and Blackcurrant

From £2.70

Energy Boosters

7* Almonds, Peanuts, Oats, Raisins, Dried Banana, Pumpkin and seeds

From £2.85

Made to order

Our food and drinks are freshly prepared on site while you wait or you can pre-order. We use the best quality fresh produce to retain the goodness.

Food + Community

Food has a special ability to bring people together. I hope you will find this community shop welcoming. For us Wholesome food is our passion. Supporting community schools to promote wholesome food.

to you

Our produce is sourced directly from an international market and local farms within Guildford and surrounding areas. This allows us to bring to your doorstep quality fresh produce at competitive market prices.